Leake County Correctional Facility- Vocational Titles Needed

We’re excited for the opportunity to help Jeff and his peers with improving their library. Vocational books are not donated to us very often and are a bit pricier than novels, but are extremely useful in helping inmates learn skills that can later be used on the outside. Some of the requested topics include plumbing, electrical, framing, concrete finishing, ceramic tile setting, landscaping, drafting, mechanical drawing, and data mining. We have added some ideas to our wish list as well. Can you help us find some of these books? Whether you find them at home, online, or at the thrift store, we would very much appreciate it. We will be preparing a car load of paperbacks to bring to their library with the help of Chaplain Abel.

leake county library

New book shelves! 😲😲

Special thank you to Eddie for building us all new gigantic shelves, and to Helen and Josh for delivering! We can’t wait to install them on Tuesday. 🙌🙌🙌 Step ladders would be extra helpful for us to make the most of our new storage space. If you have one you can donate, we would appreciate it a ton! 

What we need 

Despite its obviously frumpy appearance, we made a lot of progress on reorganizing our space today. Love to Ash, Keren and Brittany for making it happen. Here are some things we need:

  1. Step stools- we will be getting some new shelves (thanks to Eddie and Helen) and they will be taller. 
  2. Desk organizing stuff- we got rid of our big desk to make more space and need some handy ways to keep letters, post its, and various other office supplies. 
  3. Postage funds! Of course.