Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, we would like to raise enough funds to send packages of books to 250 prisoners over the holidays. Incarceration is never easy, and this time of year is especially difficult for those behind bars.


We have joined The Newman’s Own fundraising challenge for Giving Tuesday and would love if you could sign up for our fundraising team and invite your friends.

Simply¬† click the big FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN button and you’ll instantly have your own fundraising page as a part of our Team.

Thanks for your support!


Movin on up

If you’ve volunteered lately, you know that we’ve outgrown our space. The owner cooperative of our building has agreed to rent us a MUCH larger space- more than 5 times larger, with high ceilings, natural light, and a storage loft!

This new space will give us room to store a wider variety of books, sell more books to bring in postage income, and make us more productive by giving us space for way more volunteers and eliminating the “cleanup” part of our packing parties where our supplies are stored in our current tiny room. It has large worktables and lots of wall space for shelves!

If you have any time to stop by and help us move this week, it would be much appreciated! Even an hour of your time moving books would help out greatly. If you can help text or call Shelby at 916-213-1804. Bonus points if you can unscrew our current bookshelves and mount them in the new space.

We also need recurring donors to help us cover our rent. If we have 10 recurring donors at $15, we’ll be covered! We’ll even paint your name on that big white wall down there if you want(once we give it a fresh coat of paint).


Independent Volunteers Needed for special project!

As our volunteer base and requests increase, we are tasked with finding ways to increase our fundraising to keep up. We are now a Thriftbooks bulk seller and we need a volunteer (or more!) who can run our online book store! It’s fun and easy.


What this volunteer will need:

-Some time
-A laptop

This job can be done anytime if you prefer to work alone, or you can do it during our weekly volunteer night (typically Tuesdays 5:30-7:30)

How it works:
The volunteer will scan book barcodes to see if Thrift Books will accept them. They will box acceptable books and arrange them on pallets and wrap prepared pallets for shipment.


Hit us up if you’re interested!