Composition Books

Did you know that we are always in need of composition books? We typically buy them at Dollar Tree, but this time of year brings awesome sales! They are currently just 50 cents at Walmart. You can help by donating funds or composition books!



A special visitor

Kelsey saw a bunch of cars parked outside our space today and was asking if he could wash cars. One of our volunteers asked if he could vacuum the inside after they dropped off some books at the thrift store across the street.

“Are you giving those books away? I love books. Can I look through them first?”

We told him about our mission and his eyes got wide. “Oh my God, I just got out of Parchman. I can’t believe I’m meeting you guys!” Kelsey had received books from us on the inside.

Kelsey is starting a car detailing business and is currently at a halfway house. We asked him to pick out all the books he wanted from the shelves. Here’s what he chose.

Your donations to BHB make it possible for us to help librarians like Jeff in the Leake County Correctional Facility Library! He needed a book and CD in order to fix their library system software, and we were able to purchase a used copy for him to work with. Thank you!!