January Wrap-Up

We are happy to report that 2023 started off strong, with over 400 packages mailed out in January! That’s 1,200+ books in the hands of incarcerated people in Mississippi!

The last Sunday of January, we had 18 volunteers, many of whom were first timers. They shelved all of our book donations and filled all of our current requests, including requests for our monthly subscribers. These requests just need to be logged in our database, so we can print invoices and shipping labels and mail them out. If you’d like to help us log these requests, come by our location at 133 Millsaps Ave.  this Monday (1/30) and Thursday (2/2) from 5-7 p.m.

As many of you know, postage prices went up this month. Please donate if you can. We don’t want rising prices to stop us from continuing the great work YOU have helped us accomplish!

For those who want to donate books, we’ll be posting an updated needs list soon. Stay tuned!

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